Internationally Established
Multi-Media Artist

Residing in the Cayman Islands

In early 2017 Avril was honored to receive a Gold Star Award from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, for a life time achievement of excellence in art.


As a diverse artist in medium and subject, Avril works generally in series of 20-30 of one theme before organically moving onto the next.


In this way she feels she can express her many varied interests in life including her love of her environment and nature, her observation of human nature and her belief in God. Over the years we have seen her moving gently from realism to conceptual abstract.


Her three dimensional works range from relief sculptures, assemblage art and her largely popular limited edition bronze sculptures. These sculptures are predominantly long thin genderless figures, their body language very poignant and so subtly formed, yet extremely expressive. Her history as a professional contemporary and jazz dancer has given her this ability to express emotion through gesture of the body.


Versed in many mediums like acrylic, oil paint, charcoal, clay and concrete, she has exhibited and sells her artwork worldwide, with clients of movie stars and a US President.


As well as creating artworks, she curates work for residential and commercial property, sourcing artwork according to the client’s budget and taste. Avril has been honoured by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands for her contribution to art in the Cayman Islands.

I am pleased to announce my art has been published in Issue 11 of SPOTLIGHT Magazine. Click the image to view the online edition.

I create because I must! It is my gift that defines and fulfills me. I express nature, as it is my window to God. I delight in the human body, a marvel that never ceases to amaze. I express love and joy-this keeps them tangible in my life. I trust my instincts and experience as an artist, allowing them to lead me forward to growth. Most importantly: if my art can move a person to pause, think, smile, ponder, be encouraged, laugh or want to own one of my works, then I have served my purpose in life.